Question 1.1 introduction

My name is Reda Nsoki , i am doing diploma in information technology management at Rosebank College.

My Student number is 13021856.

I’am really interested in Information technology, the way technology is taking over the world is just amazing.

. When it comes to my academic life, i mostly enjoy working and learning about computers. That was my motivation into entering the IT faculty, to improve upon my knowledge and skills. My personal information is found on Facebook ( You can add me as a friend on facebook ( ). The most biggest area online i have participated is on Social media and entertainment centers.

A digital footprints are fact or knowledge about yourself which we leave online by interacting in the digital environment, which are seen by everyone who goes on internet and search for you or your details.

My digital footprint is on Facebook

A friendly person  and would love to get so many people to love my posts. I created this blog to help me share knowledge with others via WordPress.




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